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Artist Info


I'm Vince and I love capturing the light that illuminates the world around us. Be it day or night, inside or out, we are constantly bathed in light, and it is with this light that we interpret and capture the world in real time within our own minds. By capturing moments of light I am able to share my experiences with the world, and give people lasting memories and new insights into themselves.  

It is my belief that everyone deserves to feel beautiful, and this is the principle that guides my art. Many of us have the tendency to focus on the features that we view as negative about ourselves, myself included, but I take great joy in helping my subjects look past their flaws and see the beauty that the rest of the world sees. It is an even more special event when I can someone how beautiful their perceived flaws actually are! 

My studio is located in Windsor, CA, but I reside in Santa Rosa, and photograph all over the Bay Area.  If you would like to set up a consultation or schedule a shoot, go check out my contacts page and shoot me a message (you can even text me!) or hit the Book Online button and set up shoot!

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